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The Paradox of Choice on Online Dating Sites

For modern singles, online dating sites and apps promise to be the destination to find dates, relationships, and marriages. Simply create a profile and browse through thousands of potential matches all over the world, but is it really that easy to find your special someone on the internet? While internet dating has certainly helped singles expand their dating prospects, it has also given them less incentive to choose someone to commit to. Having too many options can make it easier to resist choice altogether, and even when you’ve made a decision, there is always the possibility of finding the next best thing online. For every date you go on, there are several potential matches on the backburner waiting for their opportunity, creating a climate for overall dissatisfaction. When using online dating sites, true matches often go un-messaged, while sent messages rarely receive replies, which can make for a very frustrating and discouraging process.


Deception Occurs More Easily And Often Online


One of the greatest risks of dating online is meeting a person who turns out to be someone completely different than the person you’ve been communicating with on the internet. Online dating sites often have a number of inactive profiles, which can lead to sending messages that won’t even have a chance to be read. Additionally, some people create profiles filled with misinformation, deceptive lies, or even fake photographs to lure you into sending a message. This type of online dating scam is called being "catfished.” When someone admits having being catfished, they mean that they have been deceived by someone online who isn’t who they say or present themselves as.

Many Online Conversations Do Not Turn Into Dates Offline



Because there are so many potential matches online, people feel more comfortable delaying dates, while weighing their options behind a computer screen. For affluent men and women, the supply of singles looking for love has never been so vast. However, the online dating marketplace isn’t necessarily producing a successful environment for finding true love. Many people do not message the people they are compatible with, leading to more unanswered messages and discouraging experiences. Even if you happen to receive a reply, there is no guarantee that your constant interactions are going to lead to a date offline, especially with both people having so many potential options waiting for them on the backburner.


The Paradox Of Choice

Too many options can work against you in the dating world in two different ways. The first involves being overwhelmed with the number of available options, that it ultimately leads to less action and less incentive to choose. The next part of the equation deals with feeling less satisfaction with our overall decision. Even when we make a choice to date someone from one of the many online dating websites, members are already well aware of the number of options in the background, giving them less incentive to give the relationship their best shot. Using a certified matchmaker can help eliminate these problems, by narrowing down the field and eliminating people who simply aren’t compatible with you, allowing you to have more encouraging experiences in the real life dating scene.